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  6 Oct 2015
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Head Lines (New)

Please note that as a policy we do not book shipments of Household goods under our LTL and Retail business. Kindly ensure that there is no such booking across the country for Household goods under LTL and Retail. Anybody doing so shall be personally held responsible for any consequences.

If you have to book Household goods then please note the following which is a guideline to book the same under FTL only.
The process of booking Household under FTL is as follows:

1. It has to be a PAID booking Only.
2. It has to be a direct movement and NO transhipment is allowed under any circumstances.
3. All loading and unloading expenses have to be borne by customer.
4. Octroi wherever applicable shall be to customers account.
5. A letter of indemnity has to be obtained duly signed by the customer which clearly absolves PRL for any damages etc.
6. Insurance has to obtained by the shipper or else we do not undertake any liability.
Until and unless this letter is there we will not do the pickup. The letter has to be in the custody of the booking branch till the time the BTH is settled and clean TUR is obtained.

Revision of GC Charges :LTL & Retail
(New) Please Note that , Management has decided to revise the GC charges in LTL & Retail which will be applicable w.e.f 15th Nov 2008.
The revised GC Charges will be as follows :

LTL : Rs. 100.00
RETAIL: Rs. 200.00

This is applicable to all types of Booking- Paid,
To-pay and TBB.
The Web will not have the Provision of discounting the same, however in case of TBB the same may vary and which will form a part of the Contract sanctioned by HO.
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